Phoenix Timber System Construction

phoenix-jointWe utilize horizontally stacked kiln-dried laminated Western Red Cedar timbers made of 5 laminations. The result is a 5 lam 89 mm x 175 mm Cedar Timber engineered to create a solid timber wall able to withstand earthquakes and hurricane-strength winds. The Phoenix Timber wall segments are adjoined together by Douglas Fir vertical columns.

Why are Laminated Timbers Better?

The dimensional stability of engineered laminated timbers are far superior to solid timbers in that the reversed orientation of wood grain in the laminated timbers resist the woods internal stress that causes twisting, cracks, and bowing. Making the resulting timbers at rest and free from internal stress. Western Red Cedar is also a far better insulation performer than most all other woods because of its internal cell structure. Cedar has a high thermal mass property that actually stores heat and gives it back off later. Conventional insulation does not have this ability.

Timber Movement is Controlled

The Phoenix Timber Building System is an advanced corner-post (“Phoenix Column”) system that utilizes vertical Douglas Fir dado’d columns to stabilize the kiln-dried wall timbers from differential settlement which is a big problem with conventional log/timber construction systems. All wood members swell and contract perpendicular to the grain dependent on humidity and temperature. Solid logs move a lot more than laminated.

Our patented Phoenix Timber Building System Columns minimizes the amount of movement by allowing the timbers to react independently from one another. The Timbers are attached to one another by tongue and groove interface and a low modulus adhesive that acts as a sealer and moves with the logs at any temperature.

The Vertical Phoenix columns are periodic along any one wall line and depending on structural needs, these columns may be anchored directly to the foundation by a hidden hold-down system. Truly an advanced engineered log building system, easy to construct!

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