Post & Beam Construction

The structural strength of our Post and Beam homes come from a sturdy frame of Douglas Fir glulam posts positioned under the overhead Douglas Fir glulam roof beams spanning the structure making large vaulted areas. Pan Abode’s Post and Beam homes are designed with flexibility in mind.

Unlike the rigid structural design of Timber Frame, the Post and Beam Building System is ideal for the manipulation of structure to arrive at a custom cedar home that is as unique as you and your needs!

The Posts and Beams are spaced 1829 mm  apart which maximizes the ratio of space to cost and provides optimum design spaces for rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms as well as spaces for larger doors and windows. Connections are reinforced with bolted steel plates. This system allows for expansive living spaces and high ceilings not restricted by traditional framing and load bearing walls.

Exterior siding is 19 x 140 mm Western Red Cedar. Interior walls are finished with optional cedar paneling, pine paneling, drywall, or any custom material you select. The open beam ceilings can be of 38 x 140 mm Whitewood decking, 19 x140 mm Whitewood paneling, or drywall.