What's Included in the Post & Beam Building System


  1. Post and Beams are Glu-Laminated West Coast Douglas Fir
  2. Exterior wall studs 38 mm x 140mm at 406 mm centerlines. Allows for a 139 mm fiberglass batt providing a R-3.7 insulation value. Interior wall studs 38 mm x 89 mm at 406 mm centerlines
  3. Exterior breathable house wrap
  4. Exterior sheathing 13 mm CDX plywood
  5. Western Red Cedar exterior siding, tongue and groove, 19 mm x 140 mm or 19 mm x 184 mm  installed horizontal. Or 19 mm x 140 mm installed vertical.
  6. Single story standard height – 2365 mm.  Walls supporting a 2nd story – 2553 mm.


  1. 38 mm x 286 mm rafters at 610 mm centerlines.  Allows for 260 mm fiberglass batt providing a R-6.7 insulation value.
  2. 13 mm CDX plywood sheathing

Upper Floors

  1. 241 mm engineered wood I joists
  2. 19 mm tongue and grooved underlayment grade plywood. Screwed and glued.

Main Floor

  1. 38 mm x 235 mm joists
  2. 19 mm tongue and groove underlayment grade plywood.  Screwed and glued.

Exterior Doors

Main entry door: solid Douglas Fir raised panel, or fiberglass, or metal raised panel.  Other exterior doors: solid core flush oak. Standard height 2032 mm.  Hardware included.

Interior Doors

Swinging doors are solid core oak. Closet doors are hollow core oak, bi-fold. Hardware included.


Vinyl double-glazed

Interior Trim

Western Red Cedar for window liners and casings, door casings, beam and ceiling trim

Exterior Trim

Western Red Cedar. Stainless steel nails and caulking.


Simpson brand straps, hangers, and connectors. Custom fabricated beam hangers and connectors.

Note: All mm dimensions are actual wood size.